What is counseling and what can I expect?

Counseling is working together with a therapist to gain:

  • Support
  • Help to understand yourself
  • New ways of thinking
  • Methods to solve problems
  • A safe space to express yourself
  • Ways to make healthy changes in life

You can expect a lot from counseling including:

  • Someone who will listen to you
  • Setting a goal(s) to work toward during services
  • Challenge to work on skills outside of sessions


How long is counseling?

Typically, counseling will last about 16-20 sessions.  These one on one sessions with your therapist are scheduled for 50-60 minutes weekly.  However, it is not uncommon to schedule sessions to meet therapeutic and financial needs. 

You may choose from in person, video/telehealth, or phone sessions.    


What do you need to do for counseling?

  • Attend each session
  • Be open to a new experience
  • Be honest


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