What is career counseling and what can I expect?

Career Counseling is working together to identify potential career paths that align with your values, interests and personality type.  The New Path Counseling, LLC Career Counseling Package includes the following:

  • An Initial In-depth Interview
  • An Session Value Assessments
  • Online Personality Profile Assessment
  • Online Interest Inventory
  • Follow Up Review Sessions
  • Detailed Career Report

At the conclusion, the detailed report will encompass all of the assessment tools and the research gathered during the interview session.  This detailed report WILL NOT TELL YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD DO, however it WILL give you a better idea of what your gifts and talents are, in combination with your passions.  It will also provide you with possible careers/professions that other individuals, who are similar to you, have found successful and fulfilling.  


The time and cost commitment includes the following:

Initial Interview Session, including Value Assessments
– Anticipate a 3-hour session.  This is a one on one meeting where you will be asked questions and probed for insights as to why you are thinking of making this career change.  In addition, seeking to understand what your natural interests were when you were younger, several questions will explore what brought you satisfaction as a child.

Online Assessments – These will be scheduled for you to take on your computer either at home or work.  Anticipate about two hours.  Upon completion, you will then schedule a half hour session with the administrator’s staff to review the results.  You will then forward your scores to New Path Counseling, LLC for further analysis.

Second Session – Once you have taken the assessments and forwarded a copy to New Path Counseling, LLC, a second session will be scheduled to review them to see how well they “fit” with what you have been thinking.  Discussions will include identifying patterns in the testing results.  Anticipate about one to two hours.

Third Session – This final session will include reviewing the completed report and deciding on a few action steps for you to take as you begin exploring what various careers might entail.  Anticipate about one to two hours.

The process takes about 2-3 weeks from start to finish.

The total package costs $525 and covers the cost of the online assessments.  For existing New Path Counseling, LLC counseling clients, that fee is reduced to $495.  Payment is expected at the time of services and can be made in cash, check, or major credit cards.